We’re good at what we do. We promise. If good isn’t good enough, how about outstanding?

If we’re going to go beyond your expectations, first we should establish some of the things you expect. The food should be delicious, the event should run smoothly. The price should be reasonable, the staff professional and the service timely.

Vermont Weddings Chefs

Catering for your Vermont wedding at Vermont Wedding Country

Vermont Wedding Country can provide a customized wedding package and menu designed to suit every taste as well as an on-site wedding coordinator to assist you with every last detail of your wedding, ensuring everything runs smoothly and with precision. Our wedding planner will consult with you regarding all of your wedding weekend events: rehearsal dinner/welcome Party, catering for your wedding reception, Saturday or Sunday brunch.

Vermont Occasions Catering Noel's Catering

There are plenty of ideas that will make your wedding weekend more fun: Elegant grill-style dinner, Country-style barbeque, Vegetarian fare, Pig roast, Clambake, Lobster bake, S'mores campfire, Wine or Scotch tasting - anything you can dream up for your wedding of a lifetime here at Riverside Farm, we can do! Please contact us for a sample menu.

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