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Vermont Yoga BonsaiAll you have to do is your best and the yoga will do the rest. We firmly believe here any yoga is good yoga, and the only bad class you will ever have is the one that you do not show up for! Try to come on time so that you receive the maximum benefits but if you are late we will never turn you away.

Just get in here.

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Liz Cotter - Owner & Founder

Liz Cotter

Bringing Bikram Yoga to Pittsfield, VT Liz has been a Certified Bikram Yoga Instructor since 2002 & owner of Bikram Yoga Pittsfield. Trained under Mary Jarvis, one of Bikram's first students/teachers from 2002-2007; Participant in SF/West Coast yoga competition 2003, 2004, 2005; health advocate & raw food chef-previous owner of InBloom Foods, high end raw food catering company, SF CA. Liz has two beautiful children named Kingston and Poet and lives with her husband Anthony in Pittsfield, Vermont.